Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter Reviews

Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter Reviews

Review score: 8.8/10 – Reviewed July, 2024

Latest Price: £39.99

Let’s take a look at Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter in more detail and see what makes it worthwhile of a review score of 8.8 out of 10.

Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter Review

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When we shop online for new products, we tend to consider four key factors before we purchase. The are quality, features, brand, price and reviews. We’re going to look at each of these factors now for Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter.


The overall quality of any product is important, but it’s especially important when you’re considering Wireless adapters. You’re making an important investment in this product so you want to be sure that it’s going to be durable and serve its purpose for a decent length of time.

To help you in understanding the quality of Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter we recommend a few key checks that you can carry out.

  1. Check the technical specifications. This will give you an idea of the materials used and any other key specifications that can help you to identify the quality of Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter against other alternative products that you might be considering.
  2. Consider the brand. We’ll go into more detail in a moment about brand and whether TP-Link is your best option for Wireless adapters. But the point here is just to make sure you’re factoring in brand when considering the quality of a product. Some brands will be better known for quality than others, and no doubt some of the much higher quality brands will attract a higher price for their products.
  3. Consider the price. We’ll dive into a lot more detail on the price of Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter shortly, but in terms of quality, the obvious advice here is ‘you get what you pay for’. It’s really just being aware that if you’re buying the cheapest of the Wireless adapters from Currys PC World you might not expect the same level of quality as you’d get from a decent quality product like Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter.
  4. Features are another really important factor for determining the quality of a product. Take your time to read through the key features listed on the product page. We’ve also listed the specification at the bottom of this page too. But also get an idea in your mind on the sort of features that you’l like from your purchase of Wireless adapters. That way you’re not going to be suckered into buying a more expensive product than you actually need just because it has a great feature that you might not even need.


As we’ve just explored in the quality section, features play a really important part of buying any electrical or household goods. It’s especially important to check out the features when buying Wireless adapters

The specification we have listed from Currys PC World for Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter is:

  • Upgrade your PC for the latest AC WiFiAC 1900Dual-band (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz)USB 3.0

Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter Price Analysis

Price as you’d imagine is one of the most important considerations for anyone buying new products. With the advantages of online shopping we’re seeing retailers both online and in-store fighting harder than ever to remain competitive. Which is great for us as consumers, because it’s relatively easy to find a great deal. This is especially true when shopping for Wireless adapters. As you’d expect, there are plenty of retailers offering great value deals on Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter so let’s take a look at the offers that we’ve discovered and how the pricing compares to alternative products.

Price of Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter

The first step we undertook was to identify the best deals online for Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter. We used our own price scanning tools to find as many of the reputable retailers as we could that are selling the item. The best deal based on price and from a trusted retailer was with Currys PC World where Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter was available for just £39.99 on our last check. Based on this price we’ve given the product a price score of 8.6 out of 10.

Average Price of Wireless adapters

The next step in the price analysis was to look at the average price you would typically expect to pay for Wireless adapters and as Currys PC World was selected for this review we’ve used them for gathering our information on the average price of Wireless adapters.

In total we found that there were 17 products in the category. On average, of all these 17 products, the price averaged at £18.76. So seeing as we found Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter for £39.99 it comes in above average.

We were also interested to see how much the price of the Wireless adapters can vary. The cheapest we found was £8.99 whilst the most expensive came in at £39.99.

Of the 17 products in the Wireless adapters category, 0 were more expensive than Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter and 16 were cheaper.

Prices from TP-Link

Next up after looking at the category and the average prices, we thought it would be good to take a look at the brand, TP-Link.

Again we’ve used Currys PC World for this comparison and found that there were 53 TP-Link products available. TP-Link is of course a really well known and popular brand, so we managed to find quite a variance in the price of their products. For example some came in as cheap as £9.64 with the most expensive being £259.99. The average price you’d pay for a TP-Link branded product is £66.84. So that means Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter comes in below average price.

There were also a total of 26 products that were more expensive from TP-Link and 22 that were cheaper.

Price of TP-Link products in the Wireless adapters category

Then we thought that we should be looking at TP-Link Wireless adapters rather than just looking at Wireless adapters or just looking at TP-Link products. By combining the two pieces of data it helps to ensure that the prices and analysis we’re carrying out is as accurate as possible and gives you the closest match to the average price of similar products to Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter as possible.

So firstly we looked at the average price of TP-Link Wireless adapters, of the 8 items we found, the average price was £20.70 meaning Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter is above average.

We also looked at the cheapest and most expensive options, the cheapest was £9.64 and highest price was £39.99. There were 0 TP-Link Wireless adapters that were more expensive and 7 that were cheaper.

So you can see the price of Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter is really reasonable considering the level of product you’re getting for the money. If you’re looking to get the latest price just hit the green button where you’ll be taken to the product page over at Currys PC World where you can check today’s price.


It’s great to see that you’re already aware of the importance of reviews in aiding your purchase decision, of any product, but especially Wireless adapters. After all, that’s the reason you came across ElectricalReviewer, as you were looking for Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter reviews.

Our advice here is that you simply can’t beat customer reviews. You’re not going to get any bias from customers that are leaving their feedback on retailer website. So a quick look through the Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter reviews over at Currys PC World will give you a great amount of insight into the product.

Make sure you take your time to read through lots of reviews though, not just the ones that appear on top of the list. And if there are any, look for the negative reviews too. It’s always good to know if there are any floors with a product, even if it is just the opinion of one customer.

In contrast, you should also look for the positive reviews and see if there are any themes or general topics or features mentioned regularly, you might find out more information about the product from these reviews than the product description itself.

As you’d imagine, leaving reviews is absolutely critical for helping customers to make their decisions, so we really would urge you to leave reviews when you can. If you go on to buy Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter you can either leave us a comment at the bottom of this page or simply leave a review on the product over at Currys PC World. There are lots of options to choose from, so even if you go on to buy one of the other Wireless adapters available from
Currys PC World such as reviews or reviews we’d love for you to leave your thoughts on the product in the comments.

When looking through the reviews for Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter we given it a great score of 9.6 out of 10.


As we covered earlier choosing a brand can be really key to getting the right product in the Wireless adapters category. There are loads of great brands out there each offering great products at different levels of quality and price. If brand is important to you, we’re sure you already know that TP-Link is a great choice. With 53 products available from TP-Link there’s plenty of choice too.

If you have your heart set on a particular brand or even a selection of brands then we’d suggest you spend a bit of time writing up a list of the brands that you would happily buy. This can really help you in narrowing down the selection when it comes to choosing a product. For example, over at Currys PC World you can filter products by brand, so you could filter just to show the brands on your list. This is especially useful knowing that there are 17 Wireless adapters to choose from at Currys PC World.

Video of Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter

Videos are another great tool for you to use when looking for Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter reviews. Especially if you’re able to find customer reviews of them actually using the product and going into the features and benefits of it too. We’ve pulled together a search for the top review of Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter currently listed on YouTube below.


Overall we’ve been incredibly impressed by the overall package that you receive with Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter. When you combine the value for money, quality, features and reviews, it comes out really as one of the top contenders of all the Wireless adapters we’ve reviewed. It’s thanks to this combination that we’ve scored it 8.8 / 10.

Further product details

  • Product ID 1: 3819832067
  • Product ID 2: 10156167
  • Brand: TP-Link
  • Model number: T9UH
  • EAN: 6935364096144

Alternative products

As we’ve already covered, there are absolutely tonnes of options to choose from when looking for new Wireless adapters. Before you go ahead and jump straight into buying Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter, a couple of alternatives that we’d recommend looking at include reviews or perhaps reviews. And as a bonus we’ve also found another option that might be worth considering which is reviews.

Tips for online shopping

We’re all completely used to shopping online now, so it’s not a scary prospect anymore. But shopping for Wireless adapters still does require some level of sensible shopping. For example it’s really important to make sure that you’re only buying from retailers that you know and can trust. Common sense goes a long way, so if a deal looks too good to be true, just walk away. You can get some really helpful hints and tips for shopping online from the Money Advice Service, Which? or Wikipedia. It’s worth checking out the advice offered here if you’re in any doubts.

It’s also worth looking at the different payment options you have, for example you should check whether you can pay over debit card, credit card or PayPal. Some retailers also offer payment plans where you can, for example, split the overall cost into three equal payments.


Thanks again for stopping by to read our Tp-Link Archer T9UH USB Wireless Adapter review tips today. Your next step is to head over to Currys PC World where you will be able to read all of the customer reviews that we suggested you read earlier in this review. Finally, don’t forget to stop back here and leave us a comment if you do go on to buy any of the Wireless adapters that we’ve reviewed.

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